What is ruby on rails

What is Ruby on Rails? A Perfect Introduction to Ruby on Rails

Web developers rely heavily on frameworks to facilitate scalability, increase productivity, and simplify the development process. Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an exceptional framework for creating strong web applications; it is both powerful and elegant, unlike any other framework out there.

Out of the roughly 200 million active websites, over 594,000 are currently using Ruby on Rails. An experienced Ruby on Rails development company is very important in this case.

In this article, let’s learn more about Ruby on Rails.

Understanding Ruby on Rails

Ruby, an object-oriented, dynamic, and renownedly easy-to-read programming language, forms the backbone of Ruby on Rails, an open-source web development framework.

A rail, named after its creator David Heinemeier Hansson, is an application framework that divides code into three interdependent parts: the model, the view, and the controller. This design is known as the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. It took more than 6,000 developers to make and maintain Ruby on Rails.

Architecture of Ruby on Rails

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern is the only architectural component that Ruby on Rails uses. Several web frameworks take advantage of this widely-used architectural pattern in the development community. Web applications often follow the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern, which divides code into three interdependent parts:

1. Model: This part of the application serves the whole data structure.

2. View: The View showcases the web application’s visual components as templates for web pages.

3. Controller: This part of the web app handles the actual business code and connects data to the View.

Because of this pattern, the Ruby on Rails architecture is essential and flexible enough to be used for a variety of online applications. A wide variety of web applications can be created using the Ruby on Rails programming language.

Ruby on Rails is also used by other web apps that combine front-end and back-end development. The application’s backend consists of the Model and Controller.

The View is responsible for the app’s front end. It uses JavaScript and HTML to generate the web pages that users see when they visit the site. Additionally, web services or application programming interfaces (APIs) that return JSON can be created using Ruby on Rails and used by other apps.

Key Features of Ruby on Rails

1. Action Controllers

The classes manage and keep the data flow between the View and the Model. Receiving requests from clients, processing them, and sending back a response is their main task. The logic of the application, such as authentication and authorization, is processed by Action Controllers as well.

2. Action Views

This is a robust feature of Ruby on Rails. To show the web application’s views is its primary function. Additionally, they show the client the data extracted from the model. Ruby, JavaScript, and HTML are just a few of the programming languages that can be used to write them.

3. Action Dispatch

The critical Ruby on Rails functionality known as Action Dispatch is in charge of sending requests to the most suitable Action Controller. To direct URLs to the appropriate Controllers and Actions, Action Dispatch employs a routing table. Because of this, developers can easily map URLs to the appropriate Actions and Controllers in their program.

4. Active Record

If you’re looking for an ORM library, you’ve found it. Instead of using raw SQL, they encourage developers to use Ruby classes for improved database interaction. Because of this, developers no longer have to worry about the ins and outs of working with databases; instead, they can concentrate on the logic that drives their online apps.

Applications of Ruby on Rails

FinTech Development

Ruby on Rails development for financial technology enables the simplification of numerous coding aspects of payment services, insurance, transactions, and general banking services.

Social Networking Sites

Ruby on Rails is a powerful framework for online applications and social networking sites. The Ruby on Rails framework can be used to build a lot of different kinds of web applications and social networking sites. Ruby on Rails development company produces fast-growing scalability, which enables it to efficiently serve very big communities, creating a convenient social networking process for users.

E-commerce App Development

When it comes to the development of eCommerce websites, Ruby on Rails is the obvious choice of any developer. The popularity of RoR is because of its unparalleled features that make developing dependable, efficient, and scalable eCommerce applications very easy.

Here are a Few Reasons Why a Lot of Developers Choose Ruby On Rails

According to stats, 6.75% of all developers prefer using Ruby on Rails. But why?

Here are listed the pointers below:

Quick and Secure

Ruby On Rails offers some built-in support for the most common web development tasks like the MVC architectural pattern, which make your app quick and safe.

Faster Web Application Development

RoR is an all-inclusive framework with a lot of features and functionality making it suitable for faster web application development. Apart from smoothening uptake of a templating engine and a rapid delivery of the web apps, RoR also provides a basket full of other benefits to developers.

Cost Efficient

Ruby on Rails development is cost-effective because it speeds up the process of creation of web applications and reduces the amount of code needed.

Easy and Low Maintenance

The MVC architectural style is used in Rails which makes it easy to manage code and function. This will in turn solve data migration issues. It also occurs in other approaches.

Use Metaprogramming

You as a developer can create more flexible and less code-intensive apps by using the metaprogramming techniques that can be found in the Ruby on Rails framework.

Seamless Updating

By providing a clear and uniform code structure, Ruby on Rails web development makes it easy to upgrade your application with new features and functionalities.


Developers now have a powerful and beautiful framework to construct scalable and maintainable online applications with Ruby on Rails, which is a paradigm change in web development.

Instead of worrying about writing boilerplate code, developers can concentrate on solving business problems with Rails’ convention over configuration, DRY principle, and MVC architecture. Working with a reliable Ruby on Rails development company can open up a world of possibilities, especially with the increasing demand for dynamic and scalable online applications.

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