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Choosing the Right Luvme Hair Wigs with Bangs

Face-Framing Beauty: Choosing the Right Luvme Hair Wigs with Bangs

Are you tired of your regular hairdo and are looking to try out a new style? Or perhaps you’re adventurous and feeling like setting out on a new journey with new looks. How about giving wigs with bangs a go at it?

This is a classic hairdo suitable for individuals desiring to add some style and personality to their wig. With a lot of options to pick from, choosing the right wigs with bangs that are perfect for you might come as a hassle.

I’ll be walking you through choosing the right wigs with bangs so that you’ll know of the variety of choices available and suitable just for you.

What are Different Bangs Styles Available?

There are numerous bang styles available, each with its unique feature. Just as there are lots of bang styles available, there are also lots of ways you can cut and style them. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of some of the bang styles you can get.

Face-Framing Bangs

Face-framing bangs, also known as curtain bangs, are separated in the middle to pattern your face. The hair lengths drop down towards your jawline, making the features more prominent.

These bangs are suitable for a lot of people because they get longer; you can very easily affix the bangs behind your ears or push them to the side.

Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs are soft textured fringe with parting layers. You can part them in the middle, thereby creating a curtain bang effect in a more upgraded version. These bangs are perfect for hiding those facial features that you’re uncomfortable exposing.

Choppy Bangs

These are also commonly referred to as uneven or textured bangs. They are versatile, having different angles and lengths within the bangs themselves. Choppy bangs feature a mixed collection of short and long strands that create a unique look.

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are super-short bangs that go across the mid to upper forehead. They are a unique style of bangs that are versatile and can take your looks to a whole new level. Baby bangs can transform your style and create a nice space between the brows and the bang line.

Side-swept Bangs

This bangs style features a side part wig, hence the name “side-swept.” They can hide fine lines and folds around your eyes. Side-swept bangs frame your face, giving you a distinct look.

How to Choose the Right Bangs for Your Wig

Bangs are a classic hairstyle trend that has gained prominence over the years. Top-class celebrities constantly wear bangs and are also the choice of a lot of fashionistas.

When getting your wig with bangs, it can be difficult to know which wig will look perfect on you. Facially, everyone is different, and what can be a great style on one person may not look great on someone else. So, what must be considered when choosing the right bangs for your wig;

Round Face

Are you round-faced? If you have a full and wide face, you’ll want to choose a bang that lengthens your face. Side-swept bangs fit just right for individuals with round faces; they sweep just below the brow, giving the face an elongated appearance.

Square Face

If you have a square face, you’ll prefer a bang that smoothens the angles of your face. Avoid short, straight bangs and opt for long, heavy bangs. Side-swept bangs can help to create a more feminine appearance.

Oval Face

An oval face shape is admired for its versatility. This face shape is considered ideal because it is evenly proportioned. With an oval face, you can easily choose any bangs.

Long Face

This face shape is somewhat similar to an oval face; the difference here is that the forehead, cheeks, and jawline are all the same width. With this face shape, you’ll want to avoid baby bangs and side-swept bangs because they make your face appear longer.

It is important to note that your hair stylist or professional can also help you choose the bangs that best suit your face shape. They can equally help you to determine the appropriate length, thickness, and style that best fits your features.

Styling Tips for Your Wigs with Bangs

Styling your wigs with bangs can be accomplished just the way you want them; here are some of the things you can do to make your wig unique.

Straight Bangs

Styling your bangs straight transforms your appearance. Using a wig comb or brush, sweep the bangs from side to side. After, comb the bangs down and spray some wig spray to hold them firmly in place.

Curtain Bangs

To achieve this style, part the bangs in the center, then sweep each half to its side for that curtain effect. Apply a wig styling cream to hold the bangs in place; this enhances the framed face appearance.

Up-do Style

Take your wig style to the next level with up-do bangs. This is a versatile style that allows you to create a casual low-side braid by packing all your hair to one side. Also, the hair can be styled in a chic low ponytail at the side of the neck.

Side-Swept Bangs

To create this look, simply sweep your bangs to the side and thereafter hold them in place by applying a wig styling cream.

Where to Buy Quality Wigs with Bangs

If you want to start a new look from this style, you can find it at Luvme Hair, where you’ll find stunning collections of styles to suit your desired look.


Wigs with bangs can be so charming and transforming. Choosing the right bangs for your face shape can take some time to experiment with. However, with the right style that fits perfectly with your appearance and complements your features, you are guaranteed a comfortable hairdo with amazing looks.

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