Exploring Culonas: The Allure of Curvy Beauty

Exploring Culonas: The Allure of Curvy Beauty

In a world that often fixates on narrow standards of beauty, a growing movement has emerged, celebrating the allure of curvy figures and embracing the natural diversity of body shapes. The term “Culonas,” derived from the Spanish word, meaning Big-Bottomed, has gained popularity as a symbol of admiration for voluptuous, curvy women. The allure of curvy beauty transcends cultural and societal boundaries, challenging conventional notions of attractiveness and promoting self-confidence.

The fascination with curvy beauty is not merely a passing trend but a powerful statement of body positivity, self-acceptance, and inclusivity. While mainstream media and fashion industries have historically favored slender figures, the rise of the Culonas movement underscores a shift towards appreciating a broader spectrum of body types. These curvy icons defy stereotypes, proving that beauty comes in various forms, embracing their curves as a symbol of confidence and sensuality.

A Brief History of Culonas

Culonas (Spanish word) meaning “Big Bottomed Girl” or “Fat Bottomed Girl.”

Without hesitation, can you name the main beauty trend of this year? Big breasts, thin waist, long legs? No, all this has already happened. Meet the main trend of this year – big buttocks.

The Culonas figure has not always been popular. In the 80s, big breasts were the trend, and in the 90s, skinny shapes were the trend. Myra Mandible, a historical sociologist, says that the canons of beauty of the female figure have always been a reflection of what society aspired to. For example, in capitalist countries, a more muscular body was preferred, and large buttocks were considered beautiful in developing countries since a round shape indicates health and fertility.

In Brazil, there is even an annual Miss Boom Boom competition for the title of the owner of the most beautiful thighs in the country. Last year the winner was Erica Canela, whose buttocks measure 107 cm.

Some women go under the plastic surgeon’s knife to enlarge their butts. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that the popularity of surgeries to create a “Brazilian butt” increased by 252% from 2000 to 2015. During the procedure, doctors take fat from other areas of the body and inject it into the buttocks.

Another popular solution for butt enlargement is silicone implants. Demand for them increased by 36%.

The author of erotic books, Hans-Jürgen Döpp, believes that in the history of fashion, periods of thinness alternate with periods of sensual curvaceous forms. Today we live in a time when Culonas figures are at the peak of popularity.

What Makes Men Pay So Much Attention to This Part of The Female Body?

Men tirelessly “measure” women, assessing how proportionally they are built. Somewhere there – in the heads of the representatives of the stronger sex – an ideal image is stored, laid down either by the Lord God or by Nature. They compare what they see with this image. And they immediately get the finished result: “Wow!” or “Mmmm…” or even “Eww…”.

In The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction, researchers at the Center for Transnational Social Neuroscience at Emory University, Larry Young and Brian Alexander, attempted to tease out the emotional, biological, and cultural reasons behind men’s attraction to Culonas girls “Big Bottomed Girls”.

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Two Main Reasons Why Men are Attracted to Big-Bottomed Girls.

1. Scientific Characteristics

Typically, men’s gaze focuses on large breasts, thin waists, wide hips, and long legs. Scientists have long explained the secret of the attractiveness of these body parts. They say that their owners are able to give birth more easily, and bear and raise children better while having the ability to travel long distances. At the dawn of evolution, this was valued – it was simply necessary for successful procreation. Since then, the male subconscious has been programmed to react to such women – with more pronounced forms. But why are convex buttocks so attractive, and sometimes even fascinating? Such as, for example, Kim Kardashian? Or Jennifer Lopez? Why are they admired? After all, the shape and volume of muscle or fat tissue of the buttocks, it would seem, do not provide any advantages in the process of reproduction.

The similarity between the buttocks and breasts is another main reason. According to evolutionary scientists, women’s buttocks are shaped like breasts, and that’s for a reason. The female hormone estrogen localizes fat in the gluteal region, which demonstrates high fertility.

Sexologist “Alfred Kind”, said that in ancient times people did not look at each other during sexual intercourse, so the lower body was the main indicator of sexuality. Anthropologists believe that men’s love of breasts stems from the breasts’ resemblance to the buttocks.

Anthropologist Bobby Lowe told the British newspaper “The Sun that women have evolved to have rounded buttocks to attract the attention of men and demonstrate their readiness to fulfill maternal responsibilities”. Men pay attention to rounded female buttocks, as they openly demonstrate fat reserves.

2. Cultural Characteristics

The term “Culonas” is deeply rooted in Latin American culture, where the celebration of curvy beauty has been a longstanding tradition. This cultural appreciation has influenced the broader American perspective on beauty. The Latinx community’s vibrancy and pride in their heritage have contributed significantly to this growing admiration for curvy figures.

In 1951, anthropologist Claylan Ford and ethologist Frank Beach studied 191 cultures. They found that women’s buttocks have sexual meaning for men in 13 cultures. In 9 cultures, men preferred large buttocks, and in 2 cultures (Masai and Manus) they were attracted to sagging buttocks. Additionally, there are 13 other cultures in which men pay attention to their buttocks during sex.

Most men are attracted to women’s buttocks, but it is unclear whether there is a universal “interest” in buttocks, since in many cultures men do not seem to find women’s buttocks as attractive.

Final Words

There are many things we still don’t know about the science of sexual attraction, making it difficult to give definitive answers about the reasons for certain preferences. It should be noted that the human body, and especially the female body, remains a mystery and is the object of much philosophical and psychological reflection.

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