Fujitsu: A World Leading IT Service Provider
Fujitsu: A World Leading IT Service Provider

Fujitsu: A World Leading IT Service Provider

Fujitsu Ltd is a Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company engaged in the production of equipment and the provision of services in the field of IT technologies. The company was founded on 20 June 1935 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Fujitsu operates through the following segments: Technology Solutions, Pervasive Solutions, Device Solutions, and Other. The Technology Solutions segment provides services that combine products, software, and services such as systems integration, infrastructure services, and networking products. The Ubiquitous Solutions segment provides versatile terminals including personal computers, mobile phones, car audio systems, navigation systems, mobile communication equipment, and automotive electronic instruments. The Device Solutions segment deals with large-scale integration devices used in digital home appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, servers, and electronic components such as semiconductors and batteries. The others segment is engaged in research and development in the field of information systems, communication systems, Quantum computers, and electronic devices. The company sells, manufactures, and develops air conditioners, telecommunications equipment, and electronic devices. The company also sells and leases information processing and communication equipment.

Fujitsu is the largest IT service provider in Japan, and one of the top five in this indicator in the world. The company holds approximately 78,000 patents and operates in over 100 countries. Fujitsu is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World). Fujitsu shares are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and are a constituent of the Nikkei 225 and TOPIX indices.

Fujitsu Services

The company provides services for private and corporate clients, as well as government agencies. Hybrid IT and cloud services combine data from private and public organizations into a single managed cloud with existing IT infrastructures, improving business availability and agility, and thereby improving business results.

The company’s business and application services are multi-vector and range from application development and integration to application management and outsourcing. Application transformation allows you to automate business processes. Developing, testing, and managing applications; engaging in research and consultancy; Integration of new technologies and modernization of existing solutions in the enterprise. The PRO-NES enterprise application allows you to integrate the production facility and management, including sales, production, costing, and financial modules. A customer relationship management system is a CRM system that collects and analyzes information about a company’s customers, to adjust the company’s future activities to attract customers and increase sales. ServiceNow provides consulting, implementation, integration, maintenance, training, and support to enterprises. In business and application services, Fujitsu’s partners are Oracle and SAP

Managed infrastructure services are designed to manage and modernize the IT infrastructure of companies. Fujitsu Digital Workplace Services lets you access your professional software and documents from any device. Data center services serve data centers. Network and communication services provide reliable communication between all devices located in a common cloud, and also ensure high application availability.

Fujitsu provides corporate and cyber security. In the field of cybersecurity, Fujitsu works in cooperation with companies such as McAfee, LogRhythm, Check Point, and Cylance. The company develops its own security products and solutions: Fujitsu PalmSecure and IDaas. As part of cybersecurity, the company focuses on intellectual property protection, worst-case planning, data loss prevention, and security throughout the cloud lifecycle.

Computers, Tablets, and Laptops

The company manufactures client computing devices.

PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems is a combination of servers, storage, network connections, and software that includes both classic converged and hyper-converged systems. There are 5 types of PRIMEFLEX integrated systems: Virtualization, Private Cloud, SAP, Big Data, and High-Performance Computing.

Fujitsu provides 2 types of data storage:

  1. All-season and hybrid storage
  2. Backup and archive storage

Fujitsu Servers

Fujitsu Pprimergy servers provide high performance with low power consumption. Fujitsu Server Primequest servers for business efficiency and critical application uptime. Fujitsu SPARC M12 servers increase the efficiency and performance of mission-critical applications and databases on a budget. Servers Fujitsu Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) centrally manages the data center.

Fujitsu Networks

Fujitsu’s multi-layer converged solutions with FLASHWAVE 9500 make it possible to use legacy network equipment and reduce operating costs. LTE network for mobile and portable devices. The network management and network planning system allows ISPs to ensure uninterrupted network operation and quality customer service.

Fujitsu Software

SUSE Business Critical Linux is an operating system for corporate clients. Fujitsu Interstage are applications that enable companies to continuously visualize and optimize their business operations. Symfoware Server is Fujitsu’s relational database management system that is capable of handling large volumes of information consistently and efficiently. Systemwalker manages operations, and systems ranging from cloud-based enterprises and commercial data centers to office PCs and printers. Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is an open-source PostgreSQL-based database. The ability to manage printing at the cross-platform and cross-network level. The company’s partners in software development are Unicon Software, Oracle, SAP, and PAN Software.

Electrical Equipment and Technologies

Fujitsu creates and sells automotive relays, touch panels, thermal printers, keyboards, substrates for circuit boards and microcircuits, RAM, modems, sockets, and switches. The company manufactures equipment and technologies for industry: F-ALCS technology, multilayer printed circuit boards, HDI PCB technology, hybrid printed circuit boards, substrates, and high-precision, ultra-thin micromachines for drilling holes in various materials. Semiconductors: FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory), ReRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory), Nano-RAM.

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