Prep Books vs. Online Resources
Prep Books vs. Online Resources

Prep Books vs. Online Resources: Which is More Effective?

The average college student already invests between six and ten hours each week in studying. With such a significant allocation of time, it’s only natural to wonder how you could raise your retention rate.

Realizing your preferred way of learning could enhance your understanding and potentially boost your grades. So, keep reading and learn whether you should stick to your prep books or move into the digital age.

The Study Approach

You’ll exercise your active reading skills with prep books. These physical books are firm, with solid pages to thumb through. It’s easy to grab a pen or highlighter to mark critical points.

Turn to online resources and the interaction changes. You’ll see moving images, embedded videos, and hyperlinks that expand your learning.

Screen reading is a different ball game. Many find understanding the content harder on digital screens compared to print. You may feel reading is smooth, but your absorption of ideas may not match your speed.

Study Materials Comparison

Prep books usually entail a one-time investment. It can vary depending on the book’s publisher, author, and the depth of its content.

In contrast, online resources may be freely available or require a subscription. This gives a range of price options to the learner.

When considering engagement, some learners might prefer the traditional method of reading from a book. However, online resources have an edge in terms of interactivity. You have your pick of videos, quizzes, and interactive games.

Which Is More Effective?

The effectiveness of your study method depends on factors like:

  • Subject
  • Length of study sessions
  • Distractions

Printed material is more beneficial for complex subjects requiring deep understanding. Effective study methods with prep books help you absorb dense medical facts and complex math, for example.

In contrast, screen reading fits when you’re dealing with shorter, more straightforward subjects. Understanding complex visuals and interpreting graphs can be effortless online.

Online Resources and Their Benefits

You can easily adjust features like text size, background color, and typeface to make reading more comfortable. Most educational platforms also provide additional resources and interactive tools that physical books can’t offer. Simply click for the best OAT prep material to explore a world of valuable resources.

Test Preparation Tips

Highlight key points or make notes while reading a book or watching online content. Engage with the material; use quizzes and self-explanations.

Mixing subjects in your study sessions enhances the learning process. It encourages the brain to differentiate between concepts and understand them from a broader perspective.

Let’s say you’re learning mathematics and science. If you allocate a time frame for math, followed by science, your brain gets trained to switch gears and adapt to different types of information.

Prep Books and Educational Resources

In the battle of prep books against online resources, both have their pros and cons. They differ in interactivity, learning depth, and ease of access. A balance of both might be the key to effective studying.

Think about your preferred learning strategies and design a personal study method that works for you. Our education section can assist. Explore more of our articles for tips.

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