Maria Gijeli
Maria Gijeli: Model Goes Viral Due to Her Culonas Figure

Maria Gijeli: Model Goes Viral Due to Her Culonas Figure

Today, the OnlyFans platform has more than 85 million users from all over the world. People are attracted to erotic content that can be accessed for a fee. The peak of the site’s popularity occurred during the quarantine period when more than 450,000 new authors came to the site. In addition to representatives of the sex industry, the most ordinary girls and media personalities who are known in the USA also became new creators. Maria Gijeli is one of the most popular names on the OnlyFans platform, she goes viral due to her Culonas figure.

Maria Gijeli

The new bright Instagram star is becoming more and more popular every day. Maria Gijeli attracts the attention of subscribers with her chic forms and candid photo shoots. The number of video views is growing rapidly. The girl also runs her own Tik-Tok channel.
Such popularity made it possible for the model to enter many advertising contracts.

Early Years

There is very little information about the girl’s childhood and parents. Maria Gijeli was born in Miami, FL on 10 August 1997. It is known that during her school years, her ambitions and desire for fame were very high. In addition, she stood out among other girls with her bright appearance and beauty.

The girl constantly works on her forms. Maria actively shares her exercises in the gym with her subscribers. The future blogger did not want to sit in the office. The ability to create her blog saved the model from tedious office work.


To develop her page, Maria Gijeli chose the popular Instagram platform. The competition among bloggers there is huge, but the girl was not afraid. She knew exactly what would bring her fame and a large audience.

For her photo shoots, she chose a candid format. Culonas poses in swimsuits and underwear, showing off her curves from the best angle. The number of subscribers grew instantly, and not only men were among them. The female audience wanted to know the secret of such a figure and use Gijeli’s training methods.

In addition, the model’s appearance also attracts attention with its cuteness. Many advertising companies began to offer Culonas figure for cooperation. Such popularity of the young blogger gave rise to various rumors. For example, there is information that a girl sells her intimate photos for a fee. Maria Gijeli was also suspected of private streaming on Stripchat.

Culonas Figure

As previously discussed, she strategically opted for a candid format to enhance her online presence and uniquely sculpt her physique. By committing herself to regular gym workouts and concentrating on perfecting her Culonas figure, she swiftly attained her objectives. Presently, her stunning Culonas figure has propelled her to internet stardom, garnering widespread attention and admiration. This transformation showcases the power of dedication and hard work in achieving a coveted physical form, making her a compelling success story in the realm of Curvaceous fitness.

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Personal Life

Active travel and photo shoots do not leave time to create relationships. Maria Gijeli does not advertise her personal life. It is only known that the girl is not married and has no children.

Currently, the young model leads an active life, develops her OnlyFans page, and is engaged in advertising activities. Its popularity continues to grow.

Even negative reviews do not upset the girl. She is used to treating criticism from others with humor. Maria Gijeli has always dreamed of such a luxurious life, so she enjoys every moment of it and is not going to change anything about it.

Quick View of Biography

Real NameMaria Gjieli
OccupationInstagram and OnlyFans blogger
Date of Birth10/08/1997 (26 Years old)
Place of BirthMiami, FL
Zodiac SignLeo
Family StatusSingle

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