Misud: Everything You Need to Know About
Misud: Everything You Need to Know About

Misud: Everything You Need to Know About

The image of a modern girl or woman is unthinkable without beautiful, well-groomed nails. Our hands are always in sight, and the first impression of a person depends on how neat they look. Unfortunately, not all representatives of the weaker sex have time to visit salons on time. No problem, you can grow nails at home by using MISUD artificial nail accessories.

Artificial nails have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering individuals a quick and convenient way to achieve beautiful, well-groomed nails. Whether you desire longer nails, stronger tips, or intricate nail art, artificial nails provide endless possibilities for enhancing your natural nails. From classic acrylics to modern gel extensions, this article explores the world of artificial nails, delving into the various types, application techniques, and maintenance tips to help you achieve the perfect set of nails that exude confidence and style.”

Why Misud Artificial Nail Accessories

There are numerous companies that manufacture and distribute artificial nails, our experts analyze many companies and shortlist only Misud by its quality and new technologies. Here we have some pros of Misud:

  • MISUD BEAUTY has deep experience in producing nail &accessory products for many years.
  • MISUD BEAUTY provides high-quality ABS false nail for professional salon shop, with more than 70 different nail shapes, which is individually numbered 0-9, choose 10 pieces from the 24 pieces.
  • MISUD BEAUTY has the advantage of ISO9001 certification of a quality management system to make sure every order is fulfilled to the correct quality.
  • Misud artificial nails are made with high-quality acrylic.

Acrylic Nail Extension Materials

Acrylic nail extension has its advantages. For drying, it is not necessary to use an ultraviolet lamp. Acrylic is great for air drying. In addition, compared to the gel, this material is more durable and reliable. The only drawback of acrylic is that it smells too strong.

How To Grow Misud Nail at Home

With the help of Misud Nail extension, the nail plate is made stronger, and the required length is formed. This is done using the following materials:

  1. Misud Acrylic Nail
  2. Misud gel

What Is Needed for Misud Nail Extension

Before starting the process, you need to purchase the necessary tools, preparations, and materials that will be used in the work.

Here’s what the basic kit consists of:

  • Buff (soft bar for polishing nail surfaces).
  • A nail file for your own nails (it is best to take a tool with a hardness of 180-240 grit).
  • Nail file for Misud artificial nails (hardness 100-180 grit).
  • Pusher (shoulder blade for pushing back the cuticles).
  • Scraper (mini-knife that removes dirt from the surface of the plate, and burrs).
  • Dusting brush (Choose with soft and long bristles so that it removes everything superfluous from depressions and bumps well).
  • Liquid for degreasing.
  • Smooth, lint-free wipes.
  • A set of brushes for applying materials.
  • Drying lamp (LED or UV)

Many people use alcohol solutions as a degreasing agent. However, it is better to purchase a professional preparation, as it not only removes the fatty film, but also removes the sticky layer from the varnish well, and muffles too bright shine.

Step By Step Guide for Misud Nail Extension

How to use Misud
  1. First, shorten all the nail plates to an even length. It is best that the native nail protrudes by 2-3 millimeters. There is no need to give any particular shape to the tips. It is enough to carefully file the edges and round them a little.
  2. Then proceed to an ordinary hygienic manicure. Remove the cuticle, cut all the burrs. Thoroughly clean the pterygium. This is such a thin film of skin that grows under the cuticle. The area of the base of the nail must be lubricated with a remover, and after a few minutes, carefully push the cuticle back. This can be done with a pusher or an orange stick.
  3. Proceed to remove the gloss. To do this, you need to polish the entire surface of the nail plate with a soft buff, giving it a slightly rough look. Especially carefully it is necessary to process the zones on the sides of the place near the cuticle. The rough layer will provide a stronger adhesion to the gel or acrylic.
  4. After completing the preparatory stage, remove the dust with a soft brush. (Each nail must be degreased with lint-free wipes and a special tool)
  5. Apply the right amount of helium preparation to the nail plate, which can dry without the use of additional equipment, simply by exposure to air.
  6. Set up the extension form. Try to mark it so that there are no gaps left. Please note that the form is set under the free edge of your nail. It is very important that the surface of the mold perfectly continues in the direction of your nail plate. Do not allow the form to rise too much or vice versa, to fall. If, after setting the form, you look at the nail from the side, it should be a single straight line.

Pro Tips

  • Acrylic nails can dry without the use of additional equipment, simply by exposure to air.
  • It is not recommended to use cotton pads for work. They leave small villi on the nail plate, which then appear ugly on an extended basis. It is best to use wet wipes that must first be dried and cut into several pieces to save money.
  • If you suffer from allergic diseases, be sure to check all the components you will work with for compatibility. To do this, it is enough to apply a small amount of the product to the shoulder area. If you notice redness or a rash, this drug should be discontinued.

How To Remove Misud Extended Nails

To prevent native nails from becoming brittle and brittle after removing the artificial coating, you need to remove them correctly. It is strongly not recommended to use files, tongs, and piercing tools, as the risk of damaging the nail plate is too great. The procedure for removing Misud extended nails is as follows:

  1. First, remove the protruding nail plate.
  2. Carefully cut off the nail, leaving 1-2 millimeters of free edge.
  3. The acrylic coating is removed using liquids that contain acetone. You can use professional preparations for removing the acrylic. Wet a cotton swab, put it on the nail, and carefully wrap it in foil. This should be done with all fingers. After 10-20 minutes, when the acrylic layer becomes soft, it is removed with a soft nail file.
  4. The gel coating is ground with a special nail file. It should have a strength of 150 grit. Take your time so as not to remove the layer of your native nail.

What Is the Difference Between Misud Tips and Forms – Which Is Better?

Well, now let’s move on to the main question – what is the best nail extension option? What to choose – tips or forms? It’s a matter of personal preference – someone likes one option, someone prefers another. But when choosing a method of extension, one should take into account not only the condition of the nail plates but also the shape of the nails.

For oval or almond-shaped nails, both tips and forms are perfect. This structure of the nail plate is considered classic. However, if your nails are too short and the free edge protrudes by less than one millimeter, it is better to stick with tips.

Flat Nails: Usually they are wide enough, in which case the tips will not completely cover the nail plate. Then the choice is only for the forms. If the width of the tips is sufficient, then they will fit well on flat nails.

Trapezoidal: We recommend using tips with a short contact area, as well as a good bend. It is best to cut natural nails short. The term for wearing classic tips can be very short.

Curved-down Nails: For this option, you must use only forms. Otherwise, when the nail plate grows back, artificial nails will be strongly bent.

Very short Nails: Only tips, while with a small contact area. Forms on such nails will not hold.
If you have just started doing nail extensions at home, then it will be easier to work with Misud tips. They are easier to use.

But the forms look more natural, they are light, and do not overlap the Misud nail plate. In addition, when correcting extended nails with the help of forms, there is no need to remove the entire artificial layer.


Artificial nails have become a popular choice for individuals who want to achieve beautiful and well-groomed nails. Misud Artificial Nail accessories are a noteworthy option in the market due to their quality and utilization of new technologies. With a wide range of nail shapes and ISO9001 certification, Misud ensures high-quality products for professional salon shops. Whether you opt for acrylic or gel extensions, Misud provides the necessary materials for growing and maintaining artificial nails at home. Remember to follow the proper steps for preparation, application, and removal to achieve the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do extended Misud nails last?

Properly extended nails keep perfectly for 5-6 months. However, this does not mean at all that a manicure can be done every six months. The nail plate is constantly growing. And between the beautiful varnish and the cuticle, a strip of fresh natural nails gradually appears.
That is why you should not forget about timely and regular corrections. And the point here is not only in aesthetic unattractiveness – it is not very beautiful when the nail grows and differs from the whole composition.

How much time gap is recommended between Misud nail extensions?

It is best to give them a rest for one and a half to two years after wearing extended nails. Let the nail platinum grow along the entire length and your nails will breathe. At this time, you can apply colorless varnish to your nails.

What is the maximum length of extended nails?

The main thing is that it is convenient for the client herself. For example, some can go in for sports with a long build-up, take care of the house, and play with pets. Others prefer to do such nails for the holidays, and then immediately go to the master to remove the length. Focus only on yourself and your comfort.

Do nail extensions or gel coating damage nails?

Nails are the keratinized layer of the skin, and they cannot breathe. Problems, if they arise, are for other reasons. For example, with self-removal of the coating, when the nail plate is injured. Poor workmanship and poor materials also have a negative effect.

What to do if there is a crack or chip?

If a crack appears, remove the nail extension. It is better not to touch it yourself, so as not to break the nail plate. Try to reduce the load on this finger, you can stick it with a band-aid.

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