Selecting the Ideal Side Table for Your Home Décor
Selecting the Ideal Side Table for Your Home Décor

Finding Your Match: Selecting the Ideal Side Table for Your Home Décor

You’ve decided it’s time to add a little flair to your living space, but where do you start? This article guides you through choosing the perfect side table that complements your home décor and reflects your style. By considering factors like size, shape, material, style, and color, you’ll be well on your way to finding a piece that not only fits your functional needs.

Size and Proportions Matter

The journey to the right piece starts with size. It’s crucial to consider the scale of the room and the furniture it will accompany. A small table in a large room might get lost, while a bulky one in a cozy corner could overpower the space. Measure the area where your new piece will reside.

Keep in mind the height relative to nearby seating – ideally, it should be at the same level or slightly lower than the arm of a sofa or chair for easy access. Also, don’t forget to account for walking space around the table, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct movement. If you’re placing it between chairs, ensure there’s enough room for people to sit comfortably without feeling cramped.

Shape and Functionality

These tables come in a variety of shapes. Round tables soften the look of a room and are great for flow, especially in smaller spaces. Square and rectangular pieces offer more surface area and fit neatly against walls or in corners. Also, consider how you’ll use your side table. Will it hold a lamp, a stack of books, or your morning coffee?

Answering this helps pick a shape that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but functional, too. An oval or circular table is ideal for families with young children, as it lacks sharp corners. For those who love to entertain, consider a table with additional shelves or drawers for extra storage.

Material and Texture

Material choice significantly affects the look and feel of your table. Wood brings warmth and a classic touch. Metal or glass pieces add a modern, sleek look and can help a small space feel larger. Combining different elements into your décor, such as glass and stone or metal and wood, can give it depth and appeal. Think about maintenance as well – some materials require more care than others. For instance, glass tops are easy to clean but can readily show fingerprints and smudges. Solid wood can be durable but might need occasional polishing.

Style and Personality

This is where you can let your personality shine. A vintage piece can add character to a modern room, while a minimalist design might calm a busy space. It’s more than just picking out a new piece of furniture—you’re picking out a new addition to your house that should fit your aesthetic and background. Are you drawn to the clean lines of mid-century modern, or do you prefer the ornate details of baroque? This piece can also be a conversation starter, reflecting your travels, hobbies, or artistic preferences.

Color and Finish

Finally, consider the color and finish. Do you want your table to stand out or blend in? A bold color can be a focal point, while neutrals can support the overall harmony of a room. Finish can range from high gloss for a contemporary vibe to distressed wood for a rustic feel. The choice should complement the color palette and mood of your space.


Selecting the right side table involves a blend of practicality and personal taste. It’s a subtle yet powerful addition to your home, capable of transforming a space with function and style. So, keep these tips in mind, and you’ll find a piece that fits your space and reflects your unique style.

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