The Impact of Screen Time on Your Mental Health and Well-Being
The Impact of Screen Time on Your Mental Health and Well-Being

The Impact of Screen Time on Your Mental Health and Well-Being

In today’s digital world, you are constantly surrounded by screens. You likely have a mobile phone, tablet, TV, game console, and one or more computers and so do your children. However, you may not know that these screens could adversely impact your mental health and well-being. This is especially true if you or your children have ADHD, even if you take OTC ADHD meds. Therefore, this is what you should know about screen time and mental health.

Increased Stress and Anxiety

In the body, cortisol is the hormone that regulates stress. However, screen time can impact its release. This is especially detrimental in the mornings after you and your children get up. As little as three hours spent on screens can create much higher depression, anxiety, stress, and social anxiety in youth. Even if your children take natural anxiety medication for teenager, they can experience heightened levels of stress.

Disrupted Sleep Patterns

When you spend time in front of one of your screens before you go to bed, it can disrupt your sleep. The light impacts your sleep quality. In addition, the sounds your devices make can interrupt our sleep rhythms. You can start feeling fatigued or sleepy during the day because you aren’t getting enough high-quality sleep during the night.

In addition, you may feel tempted to stay up later or get up earlier so you can spend more time on your devices. However, this further disrupts your sleep. Screen time can become addictive, and as you increase the time you spend on devices, the impact on your psychological and physical health can further impact your sleep.

How Age Impacts Screen-Time Damage

It may surprise you to learn that up to 20% of youth have mental health or psychological challenges as a result of their extended screen time. You may recognize this damage by changing behaviors. Not only does the actual screen impact your children, but the things they experience online have a negative impact. Today’s youth deal with cyberbullying, addictions or compulsive internet usage, and other challenges.

As an adult, you can experience negative physical health effects in addition to mental health challenges. Devices encourage a sedentary life, which is the leading cause of obesity and diabetes. It can also impact your ability to focus and peace of mind.

Navigating Screen Time

As a parent, you understand how different your children’s upbringing and environment differ from yours. You likely didn’t have multiple screens or spend hours in front of them every day. It can be difficult to know how much time your children should spend in front of their screens. Most health professionals suggest that you limit your children’s screen time to two hours per day.

Unfortunately, if you work on the computer, you cannot limit your screen time. Therefore, you need to pursue a work-life balance that removes you from your screens for a significant portion of your day. Also, add exercise to your routine to prevent physical health challenges.

If you or your children start to experience anxiety or other mental health symptoms, you may find relief in anxiety medication over the counter. You should also take time away from your screens.

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