Rules for Small Bathroom Design
Rules for Small Bathroom Design

Rules for Small Bathroom Design

The bathroom performs several important functions. Here you can put yourself in order and relax after a hard day. That is why it is important to carefully consider the design of the bathroom. When compiling a design project, remember: decor and interior should meet your needs, be pleasing to the eye (modern), and be comfortable for the whole family. Renovations are not limited to choosing matching tiles, sinks, showers, and high-quality plumbing. But carefully choosing all the accessories (lamps, heated towel rails, soap dishes, cups, etc) is also an important part of the renovation. I have prepared 9 design rules – follow them and you are guaranteed a beautiful and modern bathroom interior that is relevant for years.

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom Design/slushweb
Modern Bathroom Design/slushweb
Modern Bathroom Design/slushweb
Modern Bathroom Design/slushweb

The bathroom interior in 2022 is primarily a monolithic layout without dark corners and hard-to-reach places.

The main idea of modern bathroom design is a holistic appearance as if the bathroom is carved from a single piece of stone. If now it seems abstract, then by the end of the material you will clearly understand how to make a beautiful and modern bathroom interior:

  • No dark corners
  • No gaps
  • The floor is maximally unloaded
  • Everything is built in
  • All items are hidden from prying eyes

How to Choose a Bathroom Interior?

What do you like more – restrained classics or daring high-tech, or are you a fan of the soothing Japanese style? The choice of tiles and furniture depends on this. For example, frescoes on the walls and the use of porcelain stoneware floor tiles will help create a unique and beautiful bathroom in a classic style. Calm colors, chrome surfaces, whimsical mirrors, and a minimum of details – and your modern bathroom will certainly collect compliments too.

What if you have a bathroom with a window? Here the flight of fancy is truly limitless. The next step is to draw a sketch. It is better to entrust this to an experienced designer. So you can imagine where communications will be laid and furniture will be located. Realistically evaluate the size: you can often hear complaints from the client about the small size of the room. Builders often increase the area of living premises due to the bathroom and toilet. However, professionals have a few secrets that allow you to visually enlarge the space of even a small bathroom and fit everything you need.

8 Rules for Small Bathroom Design

Our experts have shortlisted the 8 rules mentioned below, if you follow these rules you are guaranteed a beautiful and modern bathroom interior that will relevant for years.

1. Countertop Instead Of a Regular Sink

In modern bathrooms, ordinary sinks are less and less used. Their fixed size does not allow them to be built in without gaps. The gaps between the sink and the bathroom or wall greatly reduce the cost of the appearance. Built-in or overhead bowls are used instead of conventional sinks to create perfect seams.

The countertop itself is made of drywall (tiled or mosaic), chipboard, or acrylic. Because this design is made by hand, you can achieve perfect joints. We are not tied to standard sizes, but the cabinet will also have to be made to order.

2. Modern Built-In Faucets

This item is not casual goes second. A sink built into the countertop + a cool faucet is critical and raises the level of the bathroom interior to a fundamentally different level.

It’s like the difference between an old floor-standing toilet and a wall-hung toilet with an installation – it’s worth the overpayment.

Yes, built-in faucets are more expensive, but they take bathroom design to the next level.

Extra Benefits

  • When the faucet is in the wall, chrome remains chrome. I think many people living in areas where the water contains salts know how quickly ordinary faucets lose their appearance.
  • Dirt and yellow water stains constantly accumulate around the usual ones at the point of contact with the sink, which is inconvenient to clean.
  • The design of faucets has also stepped forward over the past 5 years, and by 2022 their choice is simply huge. There are also relatively inexpensive built-in ones.

3. Lifting Everything from the Floor and Hanging

Our eye estimates the area of the room by the free floor. More floor means more area. Therefore, the trend of recent years is to hang a cabinet, a closet, and a toilet.

Fashion is not always adequate. But the idea of hanging really makes a bathroom beautiful, modern, and practical. There is no dark space under the furniture, under which dirt is constantly clogged, and at the same time, it is inconvenient to clean it because of the legs.

Pro Tip: If porcelain stoneware with a deep texture is laid on the floor, then LED lighting can be made under the cabinet or bathroom. On a textured tile, the light will give shadows and volume – it looks very cool.

4. Closed Storage Areas

In any bathroom, there is a huge amount of shampoos, gels, creams, and other tubes of toothpaste and brushes. It all looks bad and needs to be hidden.

You can make as cool and modern a renovation as you like, but the eternal mess due to mismatched jars will ruin everything.

Usually, from a storage system in the bathroom, drawers in the cabinet are the only option. But they are not enough and almost always hygiene products are in sight. The solution is a narrow vertical hanging cabinet. It holds a lot of stuff while taking up almost no usable space.

5. Replacing a Bathtub with a Shower

Do not rush to defend your right to wallow in the bath. Yes, this is a cool opportunity. But in today’s world, time is the most valuable resource. And it is functionally a shower without a chance better than a bath.

If you just think about this issue, then the decision to take up space in the bathroom with an extra item that will later waste your time and water no longer seems so obvious. Therefore, a bathtub is only if you are a fan. Otherwise, shower.

6. No Bright Unnatural Finish Colors

Bright unnatural colors in bathroom decoration are a sure sign of obsolete renovation. Now nobody does that anymore. Accents and colors are added by decors, accessories, and textiles. Even in the bathroom, there are towels and rugs, which also have their own colors, and all this should be combined.

7. Large Tiles

Let’s finish the walls with glazed colored incomprehensibly what do you think? The larger the tiles, the better and more modern the bathroom design looks.

If the wall is enough for two whole tiles – enough. The minimum size which you can consider is 60 × 20 cm, more is better.

This also applies to tile joints – they should be in color or gray so as not to crush the plane into patches. There should not be a feeling that the walls of the bathroom are pasted over with separate elements. Everything should look like a natural whole.

8. Lighting & Mirror

Pay attention to lighting. Due to the fact that the room does not have a natural light source, a well-lit ceiling of a small bathroom – for example, using different levels and types of lighting will help create the illusion of more space.

Mirrors of various shapes and sizes and illuminated glass furniture will also help to visually enlarge the space. Remember that our perception of space also depends on the color scheme of the interior. A light color visually increases the area, and a black bathroom, on the contrary, will seem small. At the same time, of course, white will look boring and ascetic, therefore, to focus on the details in interior design, choose bright colors and interesting details.

Final Thoughts

Today, manufacturers offer a huge variety of sanitary ware and furniture of different styles. Choosing the one that fits your design project will not be difficult. Decide what you need. If you have a small bathroom, look for showers with a deep tray that you can draw water into, a corner bath can also be a great solution. It is important to choose high-quality, reliable, and beautiful equipment. Faucets require special attention – brass taps are suitable for a classic style, and stainless steel taps for a modern one. Bathroom tiles can be of different types. Classic white is a good but boring interior solution, which can be transformed by putting a tile with a pattern on one of the walls. Look for inspiration in the photo galleries on slushweb. Our bathroom design photos can inspire you to find your own bathroom style.

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